Development Toolkits

for multiprotocol capable SitaraTM microcontroller

Sitara microcontroller

Key benefits using Sitara processor

  • Control and communication tasks carried out by only one processor
  • Multiprotocol capability
  • Master & Slave capability
  • Processor life cycle in excess of 10 years

Get your devices ready for industrial communication

Easy and fast integration into different industrial networks is essential for the success of your devices in the automation industry. That`s why we start offering a wide range of fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet protocols for the powerful Sitara processor by TI, which will equip your automation device with master and slave capabilities in the respective networks.


The reason why we chose Sitara

There are several ways to integrate an industrial communication protocol into an automation device. Using the Sitara processor has several benefits, but the key feature of the Sitara processor is its communication subsystem, called the Programmable-Realtime Unit Industrial Communications Subsystem (PRU-ICSS). This subsystem allows the user to integrate various real-time industrial communications protocols, such as PROFINET or EtherCAT. This means that the processor can be used simultaneously for control and communication tasks. Additional external communication controller such as ASICS or FPGA are no longer needed.

Thanks to Sitara`s multiprotocol capability, users won`t need to develop new hardware when changing the industrial communication protocol – time and cost are reduced to a minimum.


Get what you need

Whether you need an Development Toolkit with a pre-certified protocol stack for self-integration into your device or a complete development service including production and certification of your communication units – we‘re able to offer you the perfect solution.

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