IO-Link Wireless Bridge EVM

The perfect blueprint for your own IO-Link wireless bridge

IO-Link Wireless Bridge Evaluation Module

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Develop your own IO-Link Wireless Bridge based on our Bridge Evaluation Module. In addition to the evaluation module, the scope of delivery includes the IO-Link Master software, IO-Link Wireless device software and a bridge sample application. The device, based on our IO-Link Wireless Device SoM serves as an optimal blueprint. It shortens your time-to-market, reduces product development costs and strengthens your competitiveness.

With a bridge, your IO-Link sensors or actuators become IO-Link Wireless capable without much effort. You can integrate any IO-Link device into your entire concept. The IO-Link devices are connected wirelessly to the IO-Link Wireless Master via the bridge.

Illustration to show the IO-Link Wireless Bridge mode of operation
An IO-Link wireless bridge can be used to wirelessly connect a wired IO-Link device, such as a smart light, to an IO-Link wireless master.

Scope of delivery

The kit includes following components:

  • Bridge Evaluation Module
  • IO-Link Master software (pre-installed)
  • IO-Link Wireless Device software (pre-installed)
  • Bridge sample application (pre-installed)
  • Power supply

Basic specs

Size 66 x 46 x 34 mm
Power supply 24 V
Frequency band 2400....2480 MHz
Max. transmit power +10 dBm
Conformity IOLW qualified, CE (RED) and FCC pre-certified

Downloads & Infos

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IO-Link Wireless Bridge EVM 100348