As soon as it comes to the realization of intelligent concepts in machine and plant construction, there is no way around IO-Link today. We offer you as a field device manufacturer the complete IO-Link protocol range and help you to access the world of IO-Link quickly and easily and to equip your devices with IO-Link.

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IO-Link is an intelligent, manufacturer-independent and universal point-to-point communication system (according to IEC 61131-9), that enables transparent cyclic and acyclic data access from the upper level communication systems or PLCs to the actuator/sensor level. It is an open, standardized and cost-effective system, that ensures greater efficiency at all levels.


IO-Link benefits


Due to its fieldbus independence, IO-Link can be integrated into all common fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet networks.

Integrated diagnostics

In addition to process data, diagnostic data can also be transmitted during ongoing operation. Time-consuming troubleshooting and machine downtimes can thus be minimized.

Easy parameterization

Each IO-Link device comes with a so-called IIOD (IO Device Description), which contains information on device parameters & process data, among other things. Parameter data can be stored directly in the IO-Link master and, when replacing a sensor, for example, can be adopted directly for the replacement.

Standardized wiring

Industry-standard three- or four-core unshielded cables and standardized plug connections (e.g. M12 connectors) minimize installation errors and installation effort.

Our solutions for IO-Link integration

We offer various solutions for IO-Link integration into your devices. For IO-Link, the development toolkit for IO-Link Master and Device development is available. For IO-Link wireless, in addition to various development toolkits, compact system-on-modules are also available that allow even faster and easier integration.

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IO-Link DTKs

Development Toolkits for flexible integration of IO-Link into your device. Learn more

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IO-Link Wireless DTKs

Development Toolkits for flexible integration of IO-Link Wireless into your device. Learn more

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IO-Link Wireless SOMs

System on a modules for fast integration of IO-Link Wireless into your device. Learn more

Your partner for IO-Link integtation

Long-term experience

A reliable partner who knows its business is your key to success. We are the experts in industrial communication and develop a wide variety of fieldbus and industrial Ethernet protocol stacks for major automation companies since years.

State-of-the-Art hardware

Hardware has to be powerful, reliable and future-proof. That`s why we decided to design our stack solutions for the SimpleLink and Sitara microcontroller family from Texas Instruments.

Extensive support

Even though each of our evaluation kits comes with extensive documentation and sample code, we know that learning new technology is always difficult at the beginning. That is why we do not leave you alone. All evaluation kits always come with a fixed number of free support hours.

One-Stop shopping

We are the only company to offer all IO-Link protocol variants including the connection to the higher fieldbus level. You get everything from one source and no longer have to worry about compatibility problems.