Modular Gateway

Meet the most flexible network-to-network gateway on the market. Available for the four most common fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet protocols: PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and PROFIBUS.

Picture of 2 gateway modules on DIN rail

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Historically developed networks generally cause problems at some time. Where previously a classical fieldbus such as PROFIBUS was the preferred network, Ethernet-based bus systems such as PROFINET are preferred nowadays. However, a protocol change from one network to another also occurs frequently in practice.

A complete exchange of the communication modules is expensive or often not possible, as the communication circuit board is a part of the control circuit board. So-called gateways were developed as an investment protection. In German they are called “protocol converters”. The gateway compresses all data that the target network can transmit. Furthermore, it drops data that cannot be transmitted or adds required data.

Flexibility does not get any better than this

The KUNBUS-GW gateways consists of two modules each, which contain the respective protocol and are fitted with a common interface for the data exchange. Each module is integrated into the respective network as a Slave. The data is exchanged via a jumper that connects both modules.

This intelligent approach allows the KUNBUS gateway to be used in a highly flexible manner. Each of the two protocols is processed in a separate housing, which are mounted side by side on a DIN rail. While conventional gateways have to be completely replaced in the event of a technical malfunction, with the KUNBUS gateways it is sufficient to replace one of the two compact modules.

In addition to the cost advantage resulting from the modular design, this approach offers another major advantage: The decision for or against a particular network does not have to be made until shortly before delivery. Special changes in requirements that occur at short notice can thus be responded to even better. KUNBUS modular gateways are available for all common industrial network protocols.

Schematic representation gateway function
Schematic of a gateway connection between a PROFIBUS & PROFINET network


  • Connection of the protocol modules via jumper
  • Installation on a DIN rail (EN50022)
  • Power supply 24 V DC (-15/+20 %)
  • Max. power < 3 W
  • Cycle time between two gateway modules: 1.2 ms
  • Dimensions H/B/T=101.4/22.5/115 mm (each module protocol module)
  • CE conformity
  • UL certified

Available gateway modules

We offer gateway modules for the following industrial network protocols:
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Protocol Article No.
Gateway module PROFIBUS Slave 100069
bridge (fits all modules) 100204