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Serial Network

Communication modules for serial networks

  • Serial Module KUNBUS-COM


    Communication module for serial networks

  • Serial Module KUNBUS-IC


    Compact DIL-32 communication module for serial networks

  • Modular Gateway

    Modular Gateway

    Gateway connecting a serial network to other network protocols

The communication module series comes in two variants. On the application side, the KUNBUS-IC RSX communication interface offers a Modbus-RTU and shift register interface. This DIL32 plug-in card has an outer dimension of 45x25 mm. The switching between RS232, RS422 and RS485 is performed optionally via the Config-Debug interface, Modbus RTU or shift register. The same applies to the setting of the node address and baud rate. The galvanic isolation between the bus and application is 1.5 kV, the voltage supply is optionally 3.3 V or 5 V.

The communication interface KUNBUS-COM RSX also has a DUAL PORT RAM interface for the easy connection of an actuator or sensor. In terms of hardware, this is achieved using a 32-pin SMC plug connector, which enables a connection to the application by simply plugging onto the control board or with a cable. The RS mode, node address and baud rate is adjusted via a DIP switch or the Config-Debug interface. An 8-pin PCB plug connector with a spring-loaded terminal serves as an interface to the serial network. With an outer dimension of 85 x 65 mm , the module occupies very little space. The galvanic isolation between the bus and application is 1.5 kV and the voltage supply is 3.3 V.

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