Integration of PROFIBUS DP into PROFINET IO

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The FNL Proxy PN/PB integrates PROFIBUS DP segments in PROFINET IO. Existing PROFIBUS installations can be expanded with PROFINET IO without further effort. The 24 Volt hat rail module contains one PROFIBUS DP interface, four PROFINET IO RT interfaces as well as one RS232 service interface for commissioning and diagnostics.

The proxy integrates both existing and new PROFIBUS DP devices without any modification or adaptation into a PROFINET IO network. The PROFIBUS DP interface supports baud rates from 9.6 Kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s.

The FNL Proxy PN/PB implements a plenty of PROFIBUS diagnostic functions as well as additional features, such as the configurable behaviour of the PROFIBUS DP Master in case of a break down of the PROFINET IO network or the detailed indication of error codes. Of course, it is also possible to combine several proxies.

Our CONFIGURATOR III is available for compilation and download of the PROFIBUS configuration. The comfortable and full graphical tool compiles the PROFIBUS configuration via drag and drop mechanism. The integrated online mode allows direct commissioning and diagnostics of the connected PROFIBUS DP network via Ethernet. CONFIGURATOR III exports a GSDML file compliant to PROFINET IO which can be imported and processed by any PROFINET IO controller configuration tool.

The proxy implemented as PROFINET IO device and based on the Siemens ERTEC 400 PROFINET IO controller supports PROFINET IO according to the current specification 2.0 of the PROFIBUS Trade Organisation and uses the modular mapping procedure. Input and output data as well as diagnostic data of the single DP Slaves are depicted through device modules (slots and sub-slots). Diagnostics are reported by a PROFINET IO alarm.

Furthermore, SNMP diagnostics are included and the TFTP server based firmware update is supported.


  • Conforms to the specification of the PROFIBUS User Group according to the modular mapping procedure
  • Full graphical PROFIBUS configuration tool
  • SNMP diagnostics
  • TFTP based firmware update
Legacy product. No longer available.
Article Article No.
FNL Proxy PN/PB discontinuedInfo Icon
FNL Proxy PN/PB Flyer
Proxy Profinet/Profibus User Manual
Power Supply 24 VDC
Supported PROFIBUS Protocol Versions PROFIBUS DP/DPV1
Interfaces 4 x Ethernet PROFINET IO
Baud Rates 10/100 MBit/s Ethernet
Operation Mode PROFINET IO Device