Embedded modules for IO-Link Wireless

Embedded modules for IO-Link Wireless by KUNBUS

In addition to our Evaluation kits for IO-Link Wireless Master and Device (Slave) development, we now also offer two embedded modules for designing and building IO-Link Wireless Masters and Devices, such as sensors, actuators or I/O hubs. The embedded modules help to shorten the development cycle significantly and avoid the time-consuming development and production of RF hardware. The modules provide a connection for an external antenna and thus enable an optimized mechanical and electrical layout of the target device. The compact IO-Link Wireless modules are based on the SimpleLink wireless microcontroller from Texas Instruments. The modules are „IOLW qualified“ according to the IO-Link Wireless standard and pre-certified according to CE/FCC. The modules include MAC/PHY Layer, IO-Link Wireless Master or Device stack as well as an SPI interface for the connection to the device‘s main controller.

Measuring only 9.5 x 18.5 mm (Device module) and 20 x 24 mm (Master module) both modules are perfectly suitable especially for small devices or for devices with little space for the communication interface. Besides IO-Link Wireless, we also offer Evaluation Kits and stacks for wired IO-Link and IO-Link Safety as well as common industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus stacks such as PROFINET and PROFIBUS. This coordinated product portfolio gives our customers the outstanding opportunity to acquire the complete IO-Link range as well as integration into the higher bus level from a single source. If you have any questions, don`t hestitate to contact our sales team.