Hand-held Diagnostic Tool for PROFIBUS DP

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NetTEST II Diagnostic Tool for PROFIBUS
Legacy product. No longer available.

Due to the high complexity related to error detection in PROFIBUS DP segments, analysis and test tools are nowadays indispensabe. NetTEST II integrates a complete physical cable test, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Most frequent errors, such as installation errors, short circuits, line or shielding breakages can be detected and resolved prior to actual operation – regardless of whether the DP Slaves are connected, disconnected, powered-on, or powered-off. NetTEST II detects the length and the wave impedance of the connected PROFIBUS cable.

A line check via NetTEST II at the beginning or end of each PROFIBUS DP segment runs in three steps:

  1. Test without terminator: Both bus terminators must be switched off.
  2. Test with one terminator: Bus terminator at the distant bus end must be switched on and powered.
  3. Test with two terminators: Both of the bus terminators must be switched on and powered. In case the second bus terminator is powered via the PLC (active PROFIBUS Master), the bus disconnector included in the delivery package can be used for disconnecting the signal lines.

NetTEST II is capable of detecting and pinpointing the following errors:

  • Short circuits between the signal lines A and B by stating the precise distance in metres
  • Short circuits between the signal lines A or B and the shield by stating the precise distance in metres
  • Signal line or shield rupture by stating the precise distance in metres
  • Interchanged signal lines A-B
  • Incorrect or missing bus terminators
  • False position of bus terminators
  • Non-permissible cable length
  • False wave impedance of the bus line
  • Wrong type of cable
  • Reflections
  • Poor transmission or reception levels
  • Non-permissible branch
  • Live List of the connected Slaves
  • Ident numbers of the connected Slaves
  • Signal level of the connected Slaves
  • Baud rate detection and all over signal level of the running network

NetTEST II allows the adjustment of different sensivity levels up to the millivolt range. If even with the highest sensivity no errors are detected, this assumes a highest installation quality. In addition, NetTEST II also generates a Slave list, detailing the ident numbers of all operable DP Slaves and evaluating the transmission level of the RS485 interface. During normal operation with the PLC, transmission and reception levels can be checked for unacceptable values or reflections and the actual baud rate can be indicated. All results are filed in a detailed test record. Up to 20 detailed test records can be filed and printed on a standard PC without any additional software.

Analysis of permanent running networks

Even if it is not possible to switch off the active PROFIBUS network, NetTEST II is able to perform detailed error detection due to its high performing Online Functionality.

NetTEST II analyses every aspect of the data traffic and the physical state of the PROFIBUS line and triggers on any communication status changes. So even sporadically failing Slaves can be detected easily. In detail the following analysis functions are available:

  • Baud rate detection: Detection of the network speed and measurement and evaluation of the overall signal level
  • Rotation time: Calculated time to scan all configured Slaves
  • Live List: List of all connected bus subscribers separating Masters and Slaves
  • Slave – Signal Level: Measurement and evaluation of every Slave‘s signal quality
  • Network statistic: Permanent monitoring of every Slave‘s communication status and detection of sporadic transmission errors: - Wrong telegrams – Retries – Slave drop outs
  • Slave event triggering: Detailed analysis of problematic Slaves
  • Test records: Automatic creation of test records
Screenshot NetTEST II showing signal level
Measurement of the transmission level of the DP-Slaves in the PROFIBUS network

Commissioning of DP-Slaves

NetTEST II is an outstanding tool for mobile commissiong of DP Slaves. The entire PROFIBUS network can be set into operation without PLC.

The I/O data of the connected DP Slaves can be visualised and modified in a comfortable manner, thus allowing effective testing of the connected sensor/actor technology.

PROFIBUS diagnostics data are broken down and displayed in separate positions with regard to system, module, and channel in accordance with the corresponding standards.

Configuration of the different DP Slaves can be done on the NetTEST II directly or on the PC by means of the KUNBUS PROFIBUS Configurator, a standard component of the delivery.

Screenshot NetTEST II DP-Slaves commissioning
Commissioning of DP Slaves using NetTEST II

Product highlights

The KUNBUS NetTEST II is an essential must-have analysis and test tool for the successful operation, maintenance and service of any PROFIBUS network. The cable test sets standards and allows the efficient analysis of all entire installation and configuration problems. The high power Online Mode detects also sporadic errors in continuously running networks. The DP Mono Master Option is an outstanding tool for the mobile commissioning of DP Slaves without using a PLC.The automatic generation and the filing of detailed test records fulfil all requirements of state-of-the-art quality management systems.

  • Easy-to-use hand-held tool
  • Detection of installation errors, short circuits, line or shielding interruptions (even on the very end of the cable)
  • Measurement of cycle time, signal levels, telegram repetitions and error telegrams, automatic baud rate scan, generation of bus statistics, detection of sporadically failing DP Slaves
  • Detailed test record (up to 20 test reports can be stored and printed on a standard PC without any additional software)
  • Generation of a check sum to control if the test report is manipulated
  • DP Mono Master functionality: The I/O data of the connected DP Slaves can be visualised and modified without PLC
  • Online functionality: live list, signal level measurement, cycle time of the DP network, level display of each DP Slave, event triggering in the DP network
PROFIBUS Analysis Tool Set
Display LCD 128 x 64 pixel matrix screen with background illumination & protective glass
Keyboard 4 x 6 Key Silicone Keyboard
Speaker Piezo-Beeper
Quartz clock; backup w/o battery t ≥ 14 days
Connections PROFIBUS RS485 (DB9 socket connector)
RS232 (DB9 socket connector)
PROFIBUS data rates 9600 bit/s - 12 Mbit/s
PROFIBUS Slot Time Range 300 – 5000
RS232 data rates 300 - 115200 bit/s
RS232 interface protocol (Data bits/parity/stop bit) 7E1, 7E2, 7O1, 7O2, 7N1, 7N2, 8E1, 8E2, 8O1, 8O2, 8N1, 8N2
RS232 – protocol Kermit
Test area cable length 5 m ... 1.500 m
Measuring inaccuracy with connected devices ±5 %
Measuring inaccuracy w/o connected devices ±2 m
Measuring area line impedance 0 Ω - 250 Ω
Measuring inaccuracy line impedance ±5 %
Measuring range RS485 level 0.0 Vss ... 8.0 Vss
Measuring inaccuracy with level detection ±200 mV
Power Supply Battery pack 4.8 V/1.500 mAh NiMh
Operating duration with one battery ≥4.5 h w/o background illumination.
≥4 h with background illumination
Weight (incl. battery) 530 g
Dimensions 230 x 98 x 53 mm (LxWxH)
IP code IP50
Operating temperature range +10 °C ... +40 °C
Storing temperature range -20 °C ... +45 °C


Article Article No.
NetTEST II Over All Package
NetTEST II Basic System + DP Mono Master + Online Option in service case, including 2 batteries, international battery charger, power supply adapter, RS232 cable, PROFIBUS stub line, PROFIBUS T connector, bus disconnector, three gender changers, PROFIBUS configurator, user manual
100140Info Icon
NetTEST II DP Mono Master Option
Uprade DP Mono Master Functionality for existing devices*
100231Info Icon
NetTEST II Online Option
Uprade Online Functionality for existing devices*
100232Info Icon
NetTEST II DP Mono Master & Online Option
Uprade DP Mono Master & Online Functionality for existing devices*
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Calibration of NetTEST II 100216
Software update V3.20C 100217
Repair lump-sum NetTEST II 100238

*Upgrade up to hardware revision 03 on request.

NetTEST II Flyer
NetTEST II for PROFIBUS User Manual