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IO-Link Wireless Modules

Get your device ready for IO-Link Wireless

Our new Wireless Modules make your sensors/actuators fit for the IO-Link Wireless world. Furthermore I/O modules or other automation components can be equipped with an IO-Link Wireless Master in a simple and uncomplicated manner. Our modules help you to shorten the development cycle and avoid the time-consuming development and production of RF hardware. The embedded IO-Link Wireless modules provide a connection for an external antenna and thus enable an optimized mechanical and electrical layout of your device.

Our modules are based on the SimpleLinkTM CC2650/CC2640 microcontroller from Texas Instruments. They are „IOLW qualified“ according to the IOLW standard and pre-certified according to CE/FCC. The modules include MAC/PHY Layer, IOLW Master or Device Stack Services as well as an SPI interface for the connection to the device‘s main controller.

Basic specs  
Size Master Module 24 mm x 20 mm
Size Device Module 18.5 x 9.5 mm
Power supply 2....3.6 V
Frequency band 2400....2480 MHz
Transmit power -20 dBm....+10 dBm
Ambient temperature -40 °C.... +85 °C

Dimensions of the embedded IO-Link Wireless Device Module

Schematic drawing Embedded IO-Link Wireless Device Module

Dimensions of the embedded IO-Link Wireless Master Module

Schematic drawing Embedded IO-Link Wireless Master Module

Article Article No.
Embedded Module IO-Link Wireless Device
(1300 pieces on reel)
Embedded Module IO-Link Wireless Master
(500 pieces on reel)