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Fieldbus & Ethernet Evaluation Board


KUNBUS Evaluation Board for Fieldbus & Industrial Ethernet modules

With our developer kits, we guarantee an easy introduction into the integration of our modules. They can be used to accurately test our KUNBUS-IC products in conjunction with your control and your development environment. All required interfaces are integrated on the development circuit boards. Connection with the individual bus modules is established by simple plugging into a zero-force socket (IC versions) or via plug connectors (COM versions). The developer kits are available for all KUNBUS product families and bus variants.

A hole matrix is available for customized expansions. Furthermore, a power supply and two shift registers with 16 bit I/O are integrated. The developer kit can be connected to a PC via an RS232 debugging interface. Naturally, we will be glad to advise and support you in person in the selection and implementation of the KUNBUS modules and the use of subsequent versions of our developer kits.

Article: Articlenumber:
Evalboard for all KUNBUS-COM modules 100046
Evalboard for all Ethernet KUNBUS-IC modules 100079
Evalboard for all fieldbus KUNBUS-IC modules except Modbus RTU/Serial 100078
Evalboard for all KUNBUS-IC modules Modbus RTU and serial 100064
Evalboard for KUNBUS-AD Analog-to-Digital Converter 100054


User manual Evalboard for all KUNBUS-COM modules (Item-No.: 100046)
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