Environmental protection and energy efficiency at KUNBUS

Our contribution to environmental protection

Everything we do should be as harmless as possible. "For this reason, KUNBUS GmbH has established guidelines for development, production and logistics in order to protect our environment and improve workplace conditions.

Environmental Declaration

  • We train and inform all employees annually or more frequently if required to promote environmental awareness within and outside the company.
  • The well-being, health and safety of the personnel are at the forefront of our efforts.
  • Reusable packaging for internal and external transports
  • The consumption of energy, water and chemicals is kept to a minimum during the execution of the works.
  • We see it as our task to continuously check all production steps and products for environmental compatibility and to take countermeasures if necessary. The legal requirements represent a minimum criterion for us in this context.
  • When new products are developed, environmental compatibility is always taken into account.
  • We regard it as our task to examine, monitor and assess the effects of our activities on the environment and to avoid, reduce or minimise them in accordance with the technical, economic or legal boundary conditions.
  • Our operational environmental organisation is regularly reviewed to optimise its functioning in order to comply with our environmental policy and objectives and to close gaps..
  • We exert influence on our suppliers and contractors in order to ensure that our contractual partners also work in an environmentally compatible manner. In particular, companies operating on the company premises are obliged to comply with our environmental policy and the associated measures.
  • The continuous improvement of environmental protection is achieved through annual audits and a CIP. The means and measures to achieve this are documented in accordance with our manual.
  • Our production is RoHS-compliant and complies with the WEEE directive.
  • We pay special attention to recyclability and (if this is not possible) to the possibility of environmentally friendly disposal.
  • Where possible, we use returnable packaging for internal and external transport.
  • We have our own nitrogen production for our production.
  • Environmental management is designed in accordance with EMAS easy.
  • We have appointed an Environmental Protection Officer (USB), who is the contact person and initiator of improvements. He reports directly to the management.

Everyone can do something for the environment - we do it!