May we introduce ourselves?

To get to know our colleagues better, we asked about their preferences. Here’s how our colleagues voted:

pie chart of the sandwich oder raspberry pie vote

Sandwich | Raspberry Pie

Pie chart of the early riser or late riser vote

Early bird | Late riser

pie chart of the tea or coffee vote

Coffee | Tea

Pie chart of the safety or risk vote

Staying on the safe side | Risk-loving

Currently, we have more early birds than late risers. However, since we don't have set working hours in the office, everyone can sleep as long as they want. A slight majority of the team prefers to play it safe, while others enjoy taking risks - it's almost a good balance. But don't worry, we're not hiring based on that. What matters to us is that you're enthusiastic about contributing and growing with us.

”Flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely make it easier to balance family and work life. This flexibility is supported by my colleagues.”

Nicolai - Product Owner Revolution Pi

Portrait of our employee Nicolai

”When I have new ideas, I don’t have to spend a long time looking for supporters. Everyone is up for new input and a bit of creativity.”

Ina - PR & Communication Manager

Portrait of our employee Ina

”At KUNBUS, I have had the opportunity to grow personally as a career changer. I’m particularly proud of my super-nice colleagues: we always support each other without hesitation.”

Stefani - Sales Operations

Portrait of our employee Stefi

”We are all on par with each other. It is important that we can rely on each other and grow as a team.”

Nico - Head of Production

Portrait of our employee Nico

Your entry opportunities

We offer a wide range of career opportunities in various departments and job roles. Whether you're just starting your career or already have a few years of experience, we're sure to have a position that fits you, your skills, and your goals. So why wait? Check out our current job openings now and apply today!