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Powerful communication module for DeviceNet networks

KUNBUS-COM Interface Module DeviceNet


Technological Information concerning the DeviceNet module:

  • MSTBP2.5 (fieldbus plug)
  • Circuit board is equipped with diagnosis LEDs
  • External dimensions 85 x 65 mm
  • Modules are ODVA-certified and 100 % tested
  • One pin-out to the application
  • Freely configurable via terminal and Modbus RTU
  • Galvanic separation of bus and application (1.5 kV)
  • Low power consumption
  • 3.3 V power supply
  • Parameter change during operation
  • CDI service interface (config, debug, status)
  • Plug-in connector to the application with 32 pins (ERNI SMC)


Selectable Application Interface per:

  • SSC shift register interface (SPI)
  • Function test possible during operation
  • Automatic Baud rate and shift register recognition
  • Dual port RAM interface
  • Interface to the application SDI Modbus RTU
  • Automatic Baud rate recognition
  • RS485/ RS232/ UART
  • Protocolscripter
  • Full function access
Article: Article Number:
KUNBUS-COM DeviceNet Slave 100065


KUNBUS-COM DeviceNet User Manual
KUNBUS-COM DeviceNet Certificate
other DeviceNet modules: Article Number:
KUNBUS-IC DeviceNet Slave / 3.3 V 100059
KUNBUS-IC DeviceNet Slave / 5 V 100010
Customized DeviceNet Module --


The communication interfaces KUNBUS-COM came into existence through evolution of our KUNBUS-IC modules. The model DeviceNet is of course provided with all important components. These are the plug-in connectors required for bus connection, SMC plug with 32 pins for control or application, bus drivers, microcontrollers, memory and the optoelectronic couplers.

Connection of the COM module DeviceNet is made possible with a cable or by easy plugging onto the control card. Because of the uniform pin-out of all COM modules, they can be replaced easily by other variants (for example CANopen, PROFIBUS, etc.) (DeviceNet option card).

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