Customized Fieldbus & Industrial Ethernet Modules

Custom Design Fieldbus & Ethernet Modules

The Key to Success

The specialists here at KUNBUS GmbH have many years of experience in the industrial automation world. As an expert in the area of industrial communication, KUNBUS develops and produces reliable and intelligent solutions for linking process controls and automation devices.

We offer customized interface modules to establish cost-optimized connections to all current fieldbuses and industrial Ethernet networks. Profit from our long years of experience and a professional way of working. KUNBUS GmbH distinguishes itself by the manufacture of high-quality, innovative, and user- and implementation-friendly communication modules. Use the possibilities of a quick and uncomplicated network integration of your devices and systems.

How we develop

  • Analysis of requirements and interfaces
  • Complete circuit design
  • Layout of the communication module
  • Component selection
  • Integration of the fieldbus or industrial Ethernet modules
  • Customized interface to control
  • Integration of the desired fieldbus or industrial Ethernet module
  • Test facility (EMV/EMC) and certification
  • Software stacks for CANopen, DeviceNet, EthernetIP, and Modbus TCP (slave)

How we manufacture

The KUNBUS GmbH can not only develop your products on the printed circuit board/add-on board level, but also manufacture the complete product including housing, labels, and final packaging.

100 % final inspection and testing guarantee that only functional and flawless goods are supplied to you.

Our own manufacturing site and our quality control are located in Germany, so that closeness to our customers, to development, and a permanent exchange of know-how are assured. Here, too, the following applies: various Logistics systems guarantee the supply of our customers.