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Our know-how is the guarantee of our success. For this reason, 25 % of our well-trained employees work in development and product management. A quality-focused development secures our customers decisive advantage in very competitive markets. Our development processes have been well organized and our teams are experienced in project work. Development activities include hardware and software and cover everything from completely new developments (custom design) to standardized products.

Our developers work hand in hand with our customers in order to find the best possible and most economical solution. The closeness of our development to our manufacture also guarantees a stimulating information flow which benefits your products.


Manufacturing KUNBUS



Each product and each market has its own requirements for logistics. Are there strong fluctuations in the deliveries? Do the goods flow out in a steady stream? How is the supply of spare parts handled? How long are the delivery times of the components?

We thus offers a multitude of customer-concerted logistics agreements. We guarantee your ability to deliver!

Some Examples:

  • Consignment (KUNBUS storage at the customer's)
  • KANBAN (pull principle)
  • Safety storage (finished goods)
  • Safety stock (BOM)
  • Forecast systems
  • Customized logistics
  • Obsolete management

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